Hi, I’m Resham Das

A software engineer by profession, and a cricket fanatic by passion. As the name suggests, reshamSpeaks takes you through a breathtaking storytelling experience themed on the beautiful game of CRICKET and more! So, buckle up and get ready. Because, you are gonna get down the memory line to relive the special moments. Also, get an honest viewpoint of an ardent fan of the beautiful game. Hence, get ready to be enthralled!

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Me and Cricket

First of all, let’s give you an idea of what cricket means to me. To start with, I have been following this game since 2003, when I was just 6 years old. Later in 2010, I joined the social media. In addition, I started hosting cricket quizzes on Facebook from the next year.

After that, my love story with cricket went on to grow as I worked as a student journalist in The Telegraph In Schools. Because, I bagged a few opportunities to interact with real-life professional cricketers there. In addition, cricket discussions on social media have always been a point of interest of mine. Also, my writing skills on this theme has helped me earn many accolades.

It is in the month of August 2020, when I finally decided to step up and publish my own blog in the theme of cricket.

And that’s how reshamSpeaks was born!


My literary works were earlier published on many a few media such as:

  • SportsGyaani.com

My bibliography as co-author includes two published books:

  1. Bengal Write Ahead, Rupa Publications in association with Facebook India, the Govt. of West Bengal and Kolkata Bloggers (2017)
  2. Bayern Factor – The Untold Story, FootballNext Foundation (2018)

To conclude, a few more literary works of mine are on the way to be published on the digital media.

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