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December Cricket Quiz 1
December Weekend Quiz Carnival 1 on reshamSpeaks Facebook
December Weekend Quiz Carnival 1

Welcome to the first weekend cricket quiz night of December 2020, only on reshamSpeaks at Facebook.

Hello, folks! Are you ready for some fun? Are you up for a challenging quest of cricket this Sunday evening? If that is the case, then you are the right place.

  • Event: December Weekend Quiz Carnival 1
  • Venue (Match Post): ReshamSpeaks on Facebook
  • Date: Sunday, 6 December 2020
  • Time: 7:30 PM IST
  • Questions: 20
  • Scoring: 10, 5 for First 2 Correct Answers
  • Spelling: Max 2 Allowed as per EspnCricinfo
  • Format: Miscellaneous (Text, Image, Word etc.)
  • Theme: Cricket

So, gear up and join us on the first cricket quiz of the month. In fact, keep an eye on this place regularly for further quiz schedules on reshamSpeaks.

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